The Purpose

Treble Clef Music brings positive music to positive-thinking people.  The songs range from humor to deeply spiritual, but all of it is intended to be uplifting in some manner… even if just for a good uplifting laugh.  Music with a purpose.

The Timing

After decades of development, 2018 finally brought the opportunity to share the purpose, goals and initial productions of Treble Clef Music.

The Founder

James Lee Dunne:  Family man, Composer, Multi-instrument Musician, Marathoner, Mountain Climber, Lover of Ancient Text, Backpacker, Story Teller, Olympic Torch Bearer, Campfire Fan, Wake Boarder, Fun Lover, Sentimentalist, Audio Engineer, Music Producer, Writer, Scouter, Photographer, Hiker, Creek & Ice Kayaker.  In short… Explorer of all good things for mind, body, spirit and soul. I seek after these things.

The Future

Many songs are currently in various stages of development and many more are planned.

The Fanfare

If you become a fan, opportunities are open to explore… for special events, song suggestions, etc.