“Words of the Prophets”

(Volume 2)

1.“O That I Were an Angel”   (Alma 29:1-10)    A wish of the heart for everything to be made right in the world.   (4:59)


2.“Nourish the Word”   (Alma 32:17-43)  Plant a seed of faith and nurture it.  (Pending final vocals and mix.)

3.“Cry Unto Him”   (Amulek:  Alma 10-11, 34)  It’s okay to pray for all your daily doings, work, business, etc.  (3:38)

4.“Remember, Remember”   (Helaman 5:6-18)  A father’s counsel to his two obedient sons about their ancestry.  (3:47)

5.“The Voice”     (Helaman 5:23-52)  A striking contrast between two missionaries tied to the stake in midst of fire, yet counseled by the still small voice of the Lord.  (3:28)  (Pending final vocals and mix.)

6.“Fulfilled”  (The Beatitudes in 3rd Nephi:12)  Christ announcing the change of principles that he brings.  (3:18)

7.“We Heard Him Pray”   (3 Nephi 15:5-24)   Could there be a better time and place to be?  (3:05)


8.“He Wept”   (3 Nephi17)    Christ blessing the little children, observed by a mother.  (3:42)


9.“Lifted Up”   (3 Nephi 27:13-22)   An uplifting message in the Master teacher’s imagery.  (3:16)


10.“Mormon’s Lament”  (Mormon 6:17-22)   The waste of unrepentant lives destroyed, weighs heavily on a heart.  (4:03)  (Pending final vocals and mix.)

11.“Moroni’s Farewell”   (Ether 12:38-41)  Eternal perspective and counsel in temporal parting.  (Pending final vocals and mix.)

12.“The Words of the Prophets”   A reprise, summary and challenge… a call-to-action to hearers.  (3:54)