Where did these songs come from?

Most of the songs here are original by James Dunne, but some date back to the 1500’s, 1800’s, etc.  Credits will be posted in detail in due time.  For now, the “Music Overview” page contains some credits and back stories.

Where can I get these songs?

The songs here will be available on this website and from all major music distributors, such as iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, CDbaby, Spotify, etc., in due time.  The first album to be published is “Words of the Prophets, Volume 1”... followed by Volume 2, as soon as possible.  Onward from there as time allows.

Are the scripture songs intended as worship songs?

No.  These should be considered in the light of a scripture study guide supplement… that provokes thoughts like, “Why were those excerpts selected to tell the story?”  Or, “Why was the music created to emphasize or nearly disappear from certain parts?”

Are CD’s available?

Only digital downloads will be available at first.  CD’s will be available after that in due time.