How has the scripture project been received by others?

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Are these “scripture songs” intended as worship songs?

No.  These recordings should be considered in the light of a scripture study guide supplement… that may provoke thoughts like, “Why were those excerpts selected to tell the story?”  Or, “Why was the supporting music created the way it is… to emphasize the message?”  

Where did these songs come from?

The scripture songs are all original by James Dunne, but some of the other material dates back to the 1500’s (“Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”), 1800’s (“Ode to a Fly”), etc.  The “Music Overview” and “Songs” menu pages of this website contains some credits and back stories.  All credit details are included in the liner notes of the CD jackets.

Where can I get these songs?

The published songs on this website are available on several major music distributors, such as iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, CDbaby, Spotify, etc.  Quick links to availability are on the Home Page of this website. The first albums published were “Words of the Prophets, Volume 1” (Sept. 2018) and “Words of the Prophets,Volume 2,” (May 2019), followed by “Family Songs, Vol. 1” (June 2019).

Are CD’s available?

All CD’s are available from quickly.  There is a link on the home page.  ( also lists physical CD’s, but is surprisingly slow to ship.)