Overview of the Music Samples Currently in the Songs Menus

The Bible & Hymns

  1. Whither Thou Goest (I will go)   (Ruth 1) A Naomi & Ruth duet.
  2. How Beautiful Upon the Mountains  (Isaiah 52:7)
  3. My Heart is Full”   (New 2018 Hymn by Mathew Petersen, accompanied by Michael Dowdle.)
  4. Joshua ‘Fit de Battle (of Jericho)  An amazing piano solo by Teresa Wilhelmi, a dear friend.
  5. Come Thou Font of Every Blessing   James Dunne instrumental on tenor lute, mandolin & guitar.
  6. On the Jericho Road  Another amazing piano solo by Teresa Wilhelmi.

Later…. the song of Esther… the summary song of Deuteronomy 6… The new testament…

The Book of MormonWords of the Prophets” 

“Words of the Prophets, Volume 1”  (in Chronological Order)

CD, Download & Streaming Now Available!   A Sampler Preview and Availability Details are on the Home Page.

  1. We Are Set Apart”  (A 21-second perspective intro… with full reprise at the conclusion of Vol. 2)
  2. I Have Dreamed a Dream”  (Lehi)   Featuring Tim Gates (The Nashville Tribute Band and Due West).
  3. Nephi’s Psalm  (2 Nephi 4:15-31)  Featuring Jason Bromley (Vocal Point)
  4. For a Wise Purpose”  (Topic Song on Recordkeeping)   Featuring multiple vocalists.
  5. Press Forward  (2 Nephi 31-32)  Featuring Jason Bromley (Vocal Point).
  6. Nephi’s Farewell”  (2 Nephi 33)  Featurning Jason Bromley (Vocal Point).
  7. How is it Done?”  (Enos)  Featuring Mathew Petersen (Enos) & Connor Patten (The Lord).
  8. Know the Name  (King Benjamin’s Address, Mosiah 2-5) Featuring Alden Papritz.
  9. Joy”  (Topic Song)  Featuring multiple vocalists.
  10. How Beautiful Upon the Mountains”  (Isaiah via Abinadi) Featuring Carl Garner.
  11. Can You Feel So Now?”  (Alma 5 – The Questions)   Featuring Caleb Coombs.
  12. Teaching the Word”  (Alma 17:1-4)  Featuring Matt Bird.

“Words of the Prophets, Volume 2”  (in Chronological Order)   Next album to be released ASAP.

  1. O That I Were an Angel”  (Alma 17:1-10)   Featuring Jason Bromley (Vocal Point) and DeLee Brown, as the angel.
  2. Nourish the Word”  (Alma 32:17-43)  Featuring a Vocal Ensemble.
  3. “Amulek’s Psalm”  (Alma 10-11, 14) Featuring Carl Garner.
  4. Remember, Remember”  (Helaman 5:6-18)  Featuring James Lisle.
  5. The Voice”  (Helaman 5:23-52)  Featuring Caleb Coombs.
  6. Fulfilled  (The Beatitudes of 3 Nephi:12)  Featuring Connor Patten.
  7. We Heard Him Pray”  (3 Nephi 15:5-24)  Featuring DeLee Brown, as a disciple witness.
  8. He Wept  (3 Nephi 17)  Featuring DeLee Brown, as a disciple witness.
  9. Lifted Up  (3 Nephi 27:13-22)  Featuring Connor Patten.
  10. Mormons’ Lament”  (Mormon 6:17-22) Duet featuring Matt Bird & Carl Garner.
  11. Moroni’s Farewell”  (Ether 12:38-41)
  12. “The Words of the Prophets”  (Original)  A summary and call-to-action by the vocal ensemble.
  13. “Reprise:  We Heard Him Pray”  A piano/vocal version of #7 above, arranged and played by Cheyenne Hayes, featuring DeLee Brown.

NOTE on Future Book of Mormon Volumes:   I’ve identified 24 additional moments in the Book of Mormon with song potential TBD.  I’m excited to get to them ASAP.

Fun Songs

  1. Fast Sunday, Slow Blues“... from a child’s point of view.
  2. Life Gets Teejus, Don’t It?… an obscure bit of 1949 country humor I love and did my own way.
  3. I Lobster… a cover of the punniest song I know.
  4. Mr. Dunne“.… How could I resist not doing this Irish family name song?
  5. Ode to a Fly“... a pioneer relative’s poem I discovered while doing family history research.
  6. I’m a Missionary… a Jason Bromley song I recorded of him and his 3 companions while they were together in the Oregon Salem Mission.  Featuring them… in total.
  7. My Irish Genealogy… Genealogy work can be fun… especially with my Irish side.

Family & Folk Songs 

(This is not polished material, like the scripture songs.  Just good times.)

  1. The Spirit at the Lake… written as a collage of my childhood summers at the lake in B.C., Canada.  Featuring DeLee Brown.
  2. The Blue Waltz”... The first song I wrote about real experiences at our cabin in WA. Featuring Michael Dowdle on guitar.
  3. 672 Days… Emma Lounsbury’s good-spirited solo tribute to waiting for a missionary beau.
  4. The Wolf Creek Waltz… A song my son, Taylor, and I wrote together.  Inspired by a campout at Wolf Creek, and the last original Pony Express and stagecoach stop there in Oregon. Featuring Michael Dowdle on acoustic guitars… to enhance my guitar tracks.
  5. Family Blues – 1990… After being very sweet with the four kids on Christmas Eve, this satire spilled out after they were down for the night.
  6. In My Heart, Forever“... I wrote this with high hopes for my only daughter at age 3 in 1983… and it’s all come true.  Featuring Michael Dowdle on guitar.
  7. Dad’s Hideaway Boogie… Immediately after putting the kids down for bed, this was the high energy song I played on the piano until working down to the lullaby’s.   Here, I recorded it as I imagined it… with Michael Dowdle adding the finishing touch for me on his Les Paul guitar, by special request.
  8. Bright Eyes… I witnessed the “most alert” newborn birth of my granddaughter, Morgan… and had this song written in my mind while driving home a few days later.
  9. Ashokan Farewell… This haunting melody by Jay Ungar is a favorite of mine.  I play it on multiple instruments… so I decided to record them all together, as a bit of a tribute.  This features the mandolin, in particular.

Scout Songs

after nearly a quarter century as a registered adult Scout leader, with three sons… as my youngest son, Logan, said, “Dad, we’ve got memories on top of memories.”

  1. The Boy Scout Blues… My friend and mentor, Brett Raymond arranged and recorded this song of mine about a generic summary of the Boy Scout experience and spirit.  This and the next two were recorded in the year 2000.  Featuring Brett Raymond in total, with Michael Dowdle on steel and slide guitars.
  2. Come & Get It”  I updated the lyrics from a 1933 Sons of the Pioneers song, and Brett updated the cowboy music and recorded this for me.  Featuring Brett Raymond in total, and Michael Dowdle on guitars.
  3. Ashokan Farewell (Scouting Version)”   Jay Ungar, a former Cub Scout, graciously let me adapt some lyrics his partner wrote for this wonderful fiddle tune of his.  Brett Raymond recorded it for me… and we all were giving back a bit… to capture the spirit of Scouting in a fine moment.  Featuring Brett Raymond in total, with Michael Dowdle on guitars.
  4. The Skeeter Duel“... this is the first song I recorded completely on my own… and I was playing around with lots of things for fun.
  5. Eagle… I felt the lofty ideals of Eagle Scouts needed an anthem to commemorate them.
  6. Early Mountain Summer“... after recording #1-3 above for me, Brett said he got into his own Scouting memories and wrote and recorded this instrumental about his first Spring campouts  overlooking the valley below the Wasatch Mountain Range.   15 years later, I wrote these lyrics and melody line to overlay his fine instrumental that features Michael Dowdle on multiple guitar tracks, as well.

NOTE:  I have identified dozens of additional song opportunities in this category.  It’s just takes time to get to them.  The fun, foibles, and fulfillment of youth are a joy to me.