In due time, this page may have details on the credits for each song.  For now, generally speaking, most the songs are composed, arranged, recorded, edited and mixed by me, James Dunne.  There a few favorite other songs I’ve covered, and a few obscure pieces by other people I wanted to share.  For now, I created the Music Overview on the main menu to provide some basic credits and back stories and provide a simple site map of the song samples.

As I’m a very limited singer, I usually bring in vocalists to fit the songs, and also enjoy the amazing Michael Dowdle upgrading my guitar parts, or adding a new groove.  (

That said, there is no greater overall influence on the quality of my compositions, arrangements, instrumentation, and attention to detail than Brett Raymond.  Just providing me the “What would Brett think?” quality control check for the last quarter century has been great for me.  (

Other influences, feedback loops, etc., are too numerous to mention here.

I’ve always loved liner notes on albums, so I hope to provide them for those people with a similar interest in how sounds are created and who does them… in due time.