A Brief Summary of the Sub-Menus:

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Words of the Prophets (Volumes 1 & 2)

The magic of these songs is the use of the actual words from the ancient text.   The beauty of the ancient poetic imagery is a joy to set to music… like modern day psalms, perhaps.

Family Songs, Volume 1

Each of these songs have some family connection and about half humorous, as is my family life.  Moments are intertwined in nuances of history, real or imagined, and captured in song.

Simply Fun Songs

These songs range from wry, dry Irish story songs, to country folk understatement at it’s finest, to silly pun-fests.  All… just for laughs.

New Songs for Scouts

Traipsing around in the outdoors, or even thinking about it, creates plenty of fodder for song… especially when combined with unplanned learning experiences.