“Words of the Prophets”

(Volume 1)

1.“We Are Set Apart”   A perspective intro for the collection.  (NOTE: Only 22 seconds.)


2.“I Have Dreamed a Dream”  (Lehi: 1 & 2 Nephi)   A father’s counsel to two wayward sons in Hebrew imagery (3:45)


3.Nephi’s Psalm  (2 Nephi 4:15-31)  One man’s self-reflection following his beloved father’s death.  (3:58)


4.“For a Wise Purpose”  (Various Prophets)   The purpose and value of keeping records and journals.  (3:30)


5.“Press Forward”  (2 Nephi 31-32)   A fundamental doctrine of Christ.  (3:43)


6.“Nephi’s Farewell”   (2 Nephi 33)   Deathbed reflections on what it’s like being a prophet.  (3:58)


7.“Joy”   (Various Prophets)    Joy is a benefit of the gospel.  Prophets address this.  (3:42)


8.“How is it Done?”  (Enos)  One man’s search for spiritual knowledge, and then, how to share that blessing(4:16)


9.“Know the Name”  (King Benjamin’s Address, Mosiah 2-5)   Learn the shepherd’s voice and how you are called.  (4:04)


10.“How Beautiful Upon the Mountains”   (Isaiah via Abinadi: Mosiah 15:10-18)  The beauty of spreading the gospel.   (3:19) 


11.“Can You Feel So Now?”   (Alma 5)   Great spiritual questions for personal consideration. Some call it, “The Ultimate and Final Interview.”   (3:57)


12.“Teaching the Word”  (Alma 17: 1-4)  The joy of missionary work, and a fine example of it.  (3:44)


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