Treble Clef Music was founded to compose, record, produce, and present unique new songs about Faith, Fun, Family and Folk stories. Over a half century of music passion by the founder, and an array of talented artists have contributed to this new music outlet.

Music Samples

  1. Condensed 4-minute album samplers are on the Music Overview page with accompanying details on each song (See highlighted link above).
  2. Longer individual sample tracks are on the “Songs” menu.
  3. Individual songs are sampled on most the music distributor sites noted below.


CD’s & Downloads, with sampling: Click Here

 iTunes & Apple Music:  

         Search: “James Dunne (& album name)”

Spotify:  Click Here


       “Nephi’s Psalm” (with lyrics and images):   Click Here

       All Others Songs:  Click Here

Amazon:  Click Here

(Note:  Amazon is slow and expensive on physical CD delivery.  Use link above for CD’s.)

Other distributors, such as Google Play, Deezer, KKBox, Pandora, etc., are in process.  Search them the same as iTunes above.