Welcome to Treble Clef Music

Thank you for finding this site while it’s still under construction. I hope you enjoy some samples on the Songs menus.  I’m trying to be short on words and long on music right now. (The back stories will come later.)  

More song samples are being loaded as finished, and fully finished product will be released to all major music distribution sites as soon as possible. There’s still lots to be done.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the new music and the stories the songs tell (or at least get started in the samples). I hope you look forward to hearing the ends of these stories.  I develop the music to fit the story, and often feel the best music is in the last half of the song… but we have to work up to that for it to feel right…. just like the story, itself.

To those of you who register for email notices for key updates… Thank You!… Those will come in due time… as construction is getting completed, music is published, etc.   Certainly, I was surprised to receive “Registered Users” with email addresses from Europe to Indonesia within the first week.  I am encouraged to continue the work.  Thank You!

James… Founder, Composer, Arranger, Audio Engineer, etc.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Treble Clef Music”

  1. James – after listening to your songs, I will try to describe what I heard and felt: the immediate effect on me was of being soothed and uplifted, being embalmed and surrounded with a sense of acceptance, encouragement and strength. I listened with my eyes shut and I felt so “hugged” by your music and the lyrics. You are teaching me, reminding me of what is the truth of the world and is so reassuring to my inner spirit. It was exquisite to shut off the world and listen to such melodious singing and the delightful harmony. What a lovely treat to my ear, my heart and my spirit!

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